My Story

"Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life."

Over 10 years ago I experienced tragedy in my life that I thought would never recover from (the details of which are not important). My life was literally disintegrating before my eyes. In the midst of my darkest days I would wake up two or three times a night (for months) rushing to the toilet just to throw up in utter fear and terror.

I was (in so many words) deeply entangled in a hermetical Bermuda triangle of self pity, deep foreboding, sorrow, and noxious anger. I was completely unaware of an unconscionably menacing tempest of (self perpetuated) victim-hood brewing inside me. It's purpose was to only destroy my sense of self and take away my ability to navigate through life. It was if my life was on auto-tragedy mode (even years after the storm had passed) which would only serve to destroy the most important people in my life (my family and friends) who loved me unconditionally and stood by me unconditionally.

And I have only to blame myself for creating my victim-hood. My family became the proverbial trash receptacle for the past disaster and I punished them veraciously with my toxic hopelessness. I was like that detestable main character Melvin Ferd in the B movie classic, "The Toxic Avenger." Only instead of channeling my anger, sorrow, and desperation into strength (as a survivor) I shared the toxic sludge of victim-hood with everyone around me.

And then one day I got quiet. I stepped out of the victim role

I became healthy again. I started to focus on moving forward with my life again.

And that is how I was able to see for the first time that the noise of tragedy and hopelessness in my head was not my reality. It was just noise.

I allowed myself to focus less on what happened. I started living again. I earned a master's degree, moved to California, and created a thriving practice.

And None of this could of happened without working with a Coach

I am forever indebted to my coach, colleague, and good friend Joe Rabinovitz for helping me get out of my head and my own way.

And yes, it did not happen overnight. It took alot of hard work, money, and grit. It was the best money I ever spent. And it was through working with a coach I discovered my passion for helping others. For the first time in a long I am getting paid to do what I love doing, seeing the talents, gifts, and resilience in people that they don't see in themselves (but will get there from working with me

It has been over ten years since overcoming a life event that I thought I would never recover form again, Today I run a thriving coaching practice and share my life with a wonderful woman. I bask in every lucky moment., no matter how small.

I look forward to harnessing your own internal resilience as my client. So what are you waiting for?

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Wishing you all the best,

Sam is a no-nonsense intuitive mindset coach, speaker, and group facilitator. His career experience has spanned the world of organizational and personal development.

From successful executives, spiritual leaders, health professionals, to the entertainment industry, Sam has lovingly guided his clients back to well being and success after experiencing a major life setback or loss.

His studies at University of South Florida and Nova Southeastern University combined with his deep knowledge of human behavior, spirituality, and change management coupled with a graduate degree in conflict resolution make him a powerful conduit for his clients wishing to recover and flourish successfully from any major life setback or loss in their lives.

Sam is a Transcend Certified Mindset Conflict Coach through the Galtung International Institute of Conflict Studies.

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