3 Reasons Why Practicing Empathy is Lucrative in Business

Photo by  Aro Ha

Photo by Aro Ha


When you show deep empathy toward others, their defensive energy goes down, and positive energy replaces it. That's when you can get more creative in solving problems
- Steven Covey

Successful entrepreneurs know that empathy is the lifeblood to sustaining important relationships with customers.

Practicing empathy always delivers  

When an entrepreneur is in tune with the needs of it's customer base it sends a message (to the business community at large) that you genuinely care about the needs of your core client-base. 

Practicing empathy is lucrative

Similar to a therapist  practicing unconditional positive regard to ensure  better therapeutic outcomes (and referrals),  a successful entrepreneur (with staying power) goes above and beyond to provide exemplary service for their customer. This guarantees future business. In spades. That is what conscience business is all about. 

Empathy is the most important ingredient to building lifelong business relationships

 I have through my own successes (and many failures)  come to understand  that empathy is not only a crucial component to being successful in your career but the most important ingredient to longterm success in your chosen field.

To forgo our own ego by understanding what it feels like to be in a customer's shoes (on a consistent basis) will  foster lifelong business relationships. It is also the cornerstone of practicing conscience business.  

Empathy Creates Wealth via Mentorship

Success in the business world does not occur in a vacuum.  Many successful entrepreneurs admit to working with a competent business coach, strategist, or mentor. 

A good career coach helps his client strengthen his/her client's awareness of empathy and identifying what the customer wants. 

Empathy is about finding echos of another person in yourself -- Moshin Hamid

Business empathy builds trust 

Why should my customer trust me? Is my business satisfying my client's core needs?  Are my clients/customers coming back for repeat business?

Aligning with your client's core needs not only guarantees future business but it pays it forward in the trust department.  This is what made Sir Richard Branson not only a legend and a "sir" but also a billionaire a couple of times over. 

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