My Story is Raw and Messy. It’s Ugly and Unflinching—but it’s Real.

thered Planet.jpg

Over the seven years of this book’s evolution, the hardest part was knowing I’d have to share my story with brutal honesty. I’d have to find the courage to tell you my story. 

My story is raw and messy. It’s ugly and unflinching—but it’s real. It doesn’t have easy answers.

My hope—and the reason I wrote this book—is to give you the tools to get out of the mess you are in, to take the broken pieces and build something.

I’ll help you crush the negative voices in your mind, pull your life out of the toxic swamp of self-sabotage and self-defeating thoughts, and give you a practical strategy to silence the lies in your past and the fears for your future.

This book is your liberation. Get angry at the words. Hurl the book against the wall, if you need. Dog-ear the parts that are too painful to read in one sitting. Soak up the pages with your tears, and read it in your darkest place. My hope is that Fear<Less delivers a healing dose of hope and courage, that its message ignites an inextinguishable spark that spreads like wildfire through your life. Whatever is in front of you, whatever darkness you’re walking through, can be overcome.

The next step is yours. Turn the page. Step out of the darkness. Step out of fear. Shame. Unforgiveness. Away from guilt. Away from the haters. Leave the ugly tapes of your old life behind on the cutting-room floor. Let the movie of your past fade to black.  

Take a deep breath.

Step into the fire.

And join me.