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  What are Clients Saying?


When I first met Sam, I was at a major turning point in my life. I had managed to graduate from law school, but was overwhelmed by stress and lack of direction. I really felt stuck and my friend suggested working with Sam. He is great because of his versatility, offering business strategies and helping me see the overlap into my personal life. Sam has helped me to map out a plan for me professional career, and to prioritize my other responsibilities. His encouragement has helped me to see my actual potential, and pursue my goals with confidence. I have been able to gain some clarity and now am on track to the take the bar exam. Working with Sam has been a critical element of my success.

 - Tyler Cummins, Esq. Attorney at Law

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Sam is a wonderfully compassionate and intuitive coach... He was precise, to the point and gave great advice. In just 2 short sessions, he enabled me to figure out immediate actions to take to improve my life. I would highly recommend Sam to anyone feeling like the need to make changes but aren’t sure how to get there…

- Ashley Maltz, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor, Clinician Educator Track
University of New Mexico School of Medicine


When I met Sam Led I was a newly sober man struggling with addiction and temptation. I was recently admitted into a detox that I soon after left against medical advice. Stranded in a new city in desperate need of help I called Sam. He quickly found me a safe place to go, but it’s what Sam did after that would change my life forever.

He encouraged me to reach out to family I hadn’t seen in years, as well as to truly follow my life’s dreams as a writer. Today I can happily say I am sober and actually see and show up for my family as a son and brother, and currently am working on my first novel with active help from Sam. Without Sam Led I know my life would be far from what it is today.

- Matthew Gill (posted with permission and written consent)

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Sam's personal life coaching helped me to overcome major personal hurdles. Immediately after the session I felt completely renewed as well as a deeper sense of inner peace. I highly recommend seeing him. " - Thank you Sam!"

- David Jesse Kennet, Certified Massage Therapist and Holistic Allergist Inc,


When I began to work at MBRC in August of 2015, I was surprised and pleased that the clients there, who suffer from substance use disorders, had the services of a life coach. People with substance use disorders tend to feel extremely demoralized and lost and have enormous difficulty getting their work and sober social life back on track. Indeed they have a very hard time imagining their lives could ever be on track.

This was where Sam came in. With enthusiasm, humor, dedication and imagination, he would sound the steady drumbeat of self esteem and the possibility of a productive life with MBRC clients. He never seemed to tire of seeking and finding ways to help clients envision a positive future and implement their vsiions for themselves.
Sam also showed a strong interest in collaborating with counselors and therapists at MBRC and in seeing how his services could complement ours. He and I worked on developing assessment tools for life caching services and ways to integrate them more fully into the electronic medical record.

Clients have told me how much they appreciated Sam’s help with everything from scheduling the day with sober activities to planning out steps to become employed in work they found appealing and even inspiring. As one client put it to me recently, “I thought I was worthless and there was nothing good I could do with my life. Sam actually helped me believe in myself.

- Dr. David Kerrigan, MSW, PhD
Clinical Psychologist
Ventura, CA

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I'm a coach and practitioner with 18 years' experience. Upon retaining Sam, I was very impressed with Sam's directness, clarity and focus. He clearly has great experience and willingness to engage; I felt able to trust him implicitly, and was impressed by the level of his advice and support. Furthermore, his homework was effective! I recommend Sam unreservedly to anyone wanting to get back on track.

- Kyre Adept, PhD